Valkyrie Photography

Hey! I'm Kassandra, though you might know me
instead as Mraethis. I do screenshot commissions
for the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, ranging
from couple shots to portraits or even references.
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The following information are my prices and details for commissions. If you have any
questions or concerns, please contact me.


A photo of a single person, usually a
bust-esque shot but can be full body.
There are no restrictions besides
those mentioned in my Terms of Service,
but a portrait commission must be only
one character.

Single Image$5 USD
2-5 Images$10 USD
5+ Images$15 USD
Additional Mods+ 10%
NSFW+ 25%


A photo of two characters, the same rules
apply as Portrait and Group commissions.
Due to the additional complexity of
another character, their prices are higher.

Single Image$8 USD
2-5 Images$13 USD
5+ Images$18 USD
Additional Mods+ 10%
NSFW+ 25%


Three or more characters in a single shot
falls under this category. These are the
most expensive due to the fact the
presence of so many actors makes it
much more difficult to pose and shoot.

Single Image$10 USD
2-5 Images$15 USD
5+ Images$20 USD
Additional Mods+ 25%
NSFW+ 50%

Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you agree to the following terms of service.

General Overview

-I will always maintain the right to refuse or reject
commission based off personal belief, whether that
be due to the content matter or because I believe I
am not capable of performing it adequately.
-I will never perform commissions that are
discriminatory or derogatory in any way.
-While I do NSFW content, I do have my
boundaries, which are to be respected during
-If you commission me for an original character, you
are responsible for providing me with their data,
whether that be a .chara file or through a Mare file. You
may also physically meet up with me in game to provide
data instead.
-I may utilize my own personal discretion to add an
additional fee if you want a commission that requires
very specific features, such as using a complete body
overhaul, effect manipulation, etc.
-I do not perform post-processing work. All
commissions will be delivered in a .png format and
will not edited in any way.

Payment and Refunds

-All payment will be done via PayPal and in USD.-Payment is upfront, and I will calculate it for you.-If you request a refund, depending on how much work
I have performed at the time of request, I may be able to
provide a full or half refund.
-However, if I have finished the commission, you will
not be refunded.

Process Overview

-I utilize multiple plugins to make screenshots,
including Brio, Penumbra, Mare and C+. If you
use additional plugins besides those, I am more
then happy to install them to provide you the
best product. However, if you use plugins outside
the Dalamud launcher, I may not be able to use them.
-I also use Anamnesis to pose characters, and use
only my personal poses. If you have a pose in mind
you would like to use, I am amiable to using them.
-My choice of filter is ReShade, and I use my own
personal settings to achieve the desired result.
-When commissioning me, please provide as much
detail as you can. I will do my best, but I cannot
read your mind after all.
-Depending on the scale of the commission, I may
or may not send WIP images. If you would like to
see those, make sure to let me know.
-Once I begin work on a commission, I will let you
know via Discord or email to submit payment, to
which you have a two-day deadline before I pause
work on the commission.

About Me

I'm Kassandra to most socials, but if you've met me in game
through RP, you probably know me as Mraethis. I primarily
play for RP and what one might call the dress-up portion of
FFXIV, to which I will not disagree with, but I have
occasionally done Savage content in the past.
My personal GPose style is intended for a semi-vanilla esque
shot, not straying too far from the game with heavy
post-processing but still utilizing third-party content to improve
shots to the best of their potential. I am also always happy to
assist console players without access to third party content to
show them what their characters might look like with all the
glam and pop of PC.
Outside of FFXIV, I primarily play games like Destiny 2, Guilty
Gear Strive and Dead by Daylight. I am also a DnD 5e
enthusiast, having homebrewed my own world and DMed
multiple campaigns. Besides that, I am also currently writing
a book, which you are always free to inquire about if you're curious!
I can be found primarily via my Discord, @kasskvx, in game as
Mraethis Xavalien on Malboro, or via my email, [email protected].


Want to see what you're getting? Here are nine of my personal favorite shots!